Sublisplash Ink

Sublisplash is now offering a new range of high quality sublimation inks! They are the ultimate advanced, desktop sublimation printing solution, providing reliable and stable ink that produces outstanding black & vibrant colour reproduction.

If you are a provider of sublimation printed products try the Sublisplash range of inks for superior quality and price. Despite their high quality, they are still less expensive than competitive products.

Supplied In Cartridge Or Bottled Formats


Your Surrey Sublimation Ink Suppliers

Pro Sublimation is a new company dedicated to supporting the large and growing number of businesses operating the in sublimation printing sector. We aim to provide an increasing number of ‘best of breed’ products over time, offering high quality, competitive pricing and speedy delivery.

Pro Sublimation are starting with Sublisplash ink cartridges. These have been developed in Germany and offer a high quality, top value alternative to other products in the market.

Pro Sublimation will be adding further products down the line, so watch this space and let us help your business to thrive.

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